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'BMW Has Cars Ready That Run on Hydrogen Cells...'
Dr CM Nautiyal

This high temperature of SOFC makes reliability a problem, but it also has an advantage: The steam produced by the fuel cell can be channeled into turbines to generate more electricity. This improves the overall efficiency of the system.

Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC): These fuel cells are also best suited for large stationary power generators. They operate at 1,112 F (600 C), so they also generate steam that can be used to generate more power.They have a lower operating temperature than the SOFC, which means they don't need such exotic materials. This makes the design a little less expensive.

On the Right Road Fuel Cell!

• Over 700 vehicles on trial world over
• Honda's over 20 FCX
• Ford's 30 Focus FCV
• About 30 Daimler- Chrysler's buses in 10 European cities
• About 13 GM's FC- powered buses in NY
• Juelich Centre made a scooter run by hydrogen natteries
• BMW has cars ready that run on hydrogen cells

The Future Already Seen!

The Altek Group announced on 22 January, 2007 that it has applied for a patent for a fully self-contained portable Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Supply System.

The APS 100 based on Altek's aluminum-air fuel cell technology with a continuous power output of 100 watts.

Its efficiency (60-80%)

Reduced weight, versatility, extended running time and quiet operation make it extremely well suited for the diverse power needs of military services.

Fuel-cell-powered cars should start to replace gas- and diesel-engine cars soon

For portable electronics like laptop computers, mobile cells, even hearing aids.

The fuel cell will have much longer life than a battery


However, using the current technologies, it is too expensive to produce, store, transport, and distribute hydrogen fuel, or to build fuel cell engines. Hence developed countries are putting in lot of money. For instance USA: US$ 1.2 Billion iniative for hydrogen. Denmark announced US$ 200 million and so on.
India will go for coal bed methane and gas- hydrates which'd also provide hydrogen