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'BMW Has Cars Ready That Run on Hydrogen Cells...'
Dr CM Nautiyal

3. Low risk as it escapes up if leak occurs. Burns only at 5- 15% cone. Auto ignition at 842 deg C

4. Processing easier as no need for cooling or cryo tanks to store. It's stored in thick steel tanks at 200 Kg per sq em.

5. Its about 90% methane, with some ethane, C02 and a little propane and some others. Causes much less pollution as bye-
   product is water and carbon dioxide in 2:1 mol. Ratio.

Being Developed and Being Explored

• Hydrogen/ Fuel Cells
• Coal- bed Methane and gas Hydrates. Reservoirs of gas hydrates have been found off the West coast of India near
• Will they be efficient and environment- friendly?

Total Energy Efficiency

Total energy efficiency is a product of efficiency of production and efficiency of energy yield when used. Hydrogen is very efficient in use but producing it demands lot of energy yet its overall efficiency is highest.

Why Hydrogen?

• Hydrogen has the highest energy content per unit of weight of any known fuel.
• Hydrogen can be produced from the abundant water
• When burned in an engine, hydrogen produces effectively zero emissions
• When powering a fuel cell, its only by-product is pure water.

Steps in Using Hydrogen as Fuel

1. Production
2. Delivery
3. Storage
4. Conversion into energy

Hydrogen Cars

• BMW has built 100 cars to run on Hydrogen
• So far tested for about 1 million kms
• An 8 Kgs super insulated SS tank