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'BMW Has Cars Ready That Run on Hydrogen Cells...'
Dr CM Nautiyal

Dr. CM Nautiyal is basically a physicist and a product of University of Roorkee (now llT- Roorkee) and PRL, Ahmedabad. He is a recipient of 5 scholarships during studies and later INSA- DFG Fellowship to Germany. He received INSA Medal for Young Scientists, Vigyan Vachaspati from Vigyan Parishad, Prayag; and recognition from ISMAS, Meteoritical Soc., USA and many science clubs. In addition to75 research contributions in journals, abstract books and proceedings, he has many co- authored/ co- edited books, popular articles. He is a well known science communicator too and has led several science popularisation campaigns in addition to delivering about 350 lectures on science and science communication. He has contributed to an international encyclopedia by Sage, USA, chapters to several books and course materials. He has been on several national committees on science. He has visited several countries including France, USA, UK. Germany, Switzerland and South Africa. At present he is scientist-in- charge of the Radiocarbon laboratory at Birbal Sahni Instt Palaeobotany, Lucknow.

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The Energy in future & Future in Energy

The fuel-cell technologies being developed for power plants will generate electricity directly from hydrogen in the fuel cell, but will also use the heat and water produced in the cell to power steam turbines and generate even more electricity. There are already large portable fuel-cell systems available for providing backup power to hospitals and factories.

Use of the heat and steam generated in running turbines and producing electricity will be possible in case of cells where reaction takes place at high temperature such as in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC).

The Moods of Changing Climate

• The moods of weather swing unpredictably.
• The global temperature continues to rise.
• Naturalcalamities are heard of more often, be it landslides in Uttarakhand,hurricanes in the USA or earthquakes in Haiti or
• Admittedly, they all are not always necessarily related.
• Increase in temperature
• Increase in evaporation, more energy to atmosphere, leading to atmospheric disturbances like hurricane