SN Tripathi Memorial Lectures (2011)…

'BMW Has Cars Ready That Run on Hydrogen Cells...'
Dr CM Nautiyal

In the level of carbon dioxide In the atmosphere since Industrial age began, and stands at about 385 parts per million in the atmosphere.

There are estimates that If super giants India and China's population- growth continued at the present trend, and energy- consumption reaches the level of North Korea, they will consume as much oil as the world did in a single year in 2003. It's difficult to find a reason why these countries should be denied a right to live at a level North Korea does! So the answer lies not in just finding new and cheaper energy sources; they should be non- polluting too.

The Meaning of Clean Energy

Consumption of energy: An accepted index to measure the prosperity of a society.

Whenever we use fuel, be it wood, coal or oil, it pollutes by way of emission of gases harmful to us, be it carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, methane or others.

Nuclear fuels leave us with nuclear waste. Solar batteries leave a lot of waste to dispose of, and most of the others still to reach a level of comfort.

Most of the energy that we hear about has its origin in the stars, literally.

Coal and wood are results of photosynthesis caused by sunlight.

Winds blow because of differential temperature- rise from solar heating of the land, oceans and atmosphere.

Solar energy is of course from the Sun, our nearest star.

Nuclear energy is because of elements that were synthesized in the interior of stars many billion years ago.

Hydroelectric is based on water lifting by solar heating!

Is Change in Climate Normal?

It is known from geological and other records that sea level changes, change in carbon dioxide and methane level in the atmosphere and even extinctions have been more of a rule rather than exception in the history of the earth.
If always so, why bother?

If Change Normal, Why Bother?

• Because we were not there at that time, But now we are facing the change.
• Natural Changes are beyond our control, but anthropogenic changes are our doing. Let's bother about what is within our control