SN Tripathi Memorial Lectures (2011)…

'Sugarcane-the Energy Crop.... The Factory of Water....'
Dr GSC Rao

What can be made from sugar?

We can generate electric power

One of the products-Baggasse gives energy. The biogas is burnt in boiler and the steam generated helps turbine to produce electricity that is exported back. Our country has a potentiality to generate 17000 M W power by 2020. Currently this figure is 2500 MW.

Molasses-a co product of sugar cane is used for many purposes such as drinking,chemicals or mixture in petrol as ethanol. The world over the bio ethanol programme is very popula as the most sought after energy utilization programme, Brazil is the leader. About 98% o the automotives purchased in Brazil runs on 100% ethanol. Ethanol is the main fuel fo them. Gasoline is a side fuel. We have 5% blending programme in our country. There is a huge roadmap to develop it to 10%. We require 700-800 million liters Ethanol which can go upto 1200 million liters.

Every sugar industry is also a factory of water. A ton of sugar cane gives 740 kg of water. An efficient sugar mill will use only 30Q-350 kgs of water per ton sugar and hence the sugar industry does not need to take the water from tubewell or other external sources. At the rate of 350 Kgs/ton of sugar the 5000 sugar cane factories can produce 1750 kgs of pure water which can be used for drinking or other purposes.

Sugarcane is an environment friendly crop. With crude oil prices going up, the demand o1 the fossil fuel is becoming more and more dangerous. Where as the products of sugar are environment friendly and do not pollute the environment at all.

The state of UP is the largest sugar cane cultivating state in the country. About 42-47o/c sugar cane is produced by this state. Unfortunately we are not able to get the best of that.

To quote our upnishad,

"Om pumam-adah pumam -idam, pumaat pumam-udacyate, Pumasya pumam-aadaaya, pumam eva avashishyate"-

Energy is there in the universe. Even if eternity of energy is negated by energy it will produce only energy.

Across the world, the Indian sugar industry has high demand for its process, the products, the system,the technologies and the technocrats. Sugarcane is an energy crop. IIrecycles its waste. It produces bio energy, the bio ethanol the bio fuel which is the hot topic now. Bio ethanol is the future.

Be positive but remember necessity is a mother of inventions.Hope is not a strategy. Develop strategies when are science based, technology based and also believe in that