SN Tripathi Memorial Lectures (2011)…

'Sugarcane-the Energy Crop.... The Factory of Water....'
Dr GSC Rao

Dr GSC Rao is an eminent scientist who has beenassociated with sugar Industry for over 3 decades and is currently the Chief Executive Officer with Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd. a Director with Integrated Casetech Consultants Pvt.Ltd.,and President of The Sugar Technologists' Association of India. As CEO with Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd.,he is managing the operations of 3sugar complexes equipped with Co-generations plants, Distilleries etc. He is a management professional par excellence who has not only revived the sick and closed sugar mills but has also developed greenfield projects in sugar refineries, distillery, Co-generation and ethanol.

On technology development and research fronts,Dr Rao has written over 100 technical papers which have been published in popular national and international journals. He introduced DRPIE refinery technology in Simbhaoli Group and has made significant contribution in development of specialty sugar and potable alcohol brands.

Dr. Rao is a widely travelled professional who has visited sugar producing countries across the world. As part of World Bank Consultant Group he has conducted assessment of Rehabilitation and Modernization of Sugar units funded by IMF in Africa. Dr Rao has played vital role in bringing positive changes in the lives of over 120,000 sugarcane growers associated with the sugar units.

'As they say, Saudi Arabia is sitting on oil wells, our country in general and UP in particular is sitting on the bio mass based energy crop.'

Sugarcane is a wonderful crop. The sugarcane gives sugar. About 1.1 Metric ton sugar gives 1732 Mega Joules of energy,Sugar cane juice of 300 Kg per ton gives 2946 mega joules of energy, the Molasses, one of the co products gives 296 MJ of energy, bio-gas which comes out as effluent of distillery gives 0.102 MJ of energy.

The total energy output from sugar cane is about 5295292 Mega Joules of energy which is equivalent to the energy balance of 149 liters of gasoline,1441itres of diesel and 330 kilos of coke.

The energy from sugarcane is recycled back. Thus energy harvested from sun is bio energy.

Sugar Cane: Some Facts

India is the second largest producer of sugar cane in the world and the largest consume of sugar in the world.
India produces 25-29 million tons every year-a robust market.
In the year 2020, we require producing 34 million tons sugar per year and that would mean to grow more sugar. This means we will produce more energy.
The Indian sugar industry has 10 million farmers associated with it
About 2-3 million people are employed directly or indirectly