About Us

Swayam Siddha

Swayam Siddha is a voluntary agency, (registered under society registration act 1860) which was established in the year 2003-04. Swayam Siddha is committed to the cause of development. It conducts various events on a regular basis for the slum dwellers of the city of Lucknow, teaching classes co-curricular activities for the poor children, awareness about the environment through various events including lectures about the environment.

One of the important activities of Swayam Siddha includes SN Tripathi Memorial Lectures that were initiated in the year 2008 to create awareness among the common citizens about a theme most relevant and contemporary to enable them to be aware about it and also get prepared to cope with it.

Swayam Siddha aims to reach those individual or segment of population that are otherwise unreached and require the development interventions. Our focus is awareness creation through education and sharing of information in the area of Education, Health & Sanitation and Environment.

Development & the State of Uttar Pradesh

Based on the Poverty estimation in terms of (a) the concept of poverty time which is the prescribed minimum calorie intake necessary for a normal human being to survive and (b) size and distribution of population by expenditure obtained from the household consumption surveys conducted by national sample survey, the incidence of poverty in the state has fallen from about 57 percent in 1973-74 to 42 percent in 1987-88. The fall in the incidence of poverty is slightly more in the rural areas. However, the numbers of population below the poverty line have increased by 31 take between 1977-78 and 1987-88. This increase is more in the urban area than in the rural area i.e. there has been urbanisation in the root of poverty in Uttar Pradesh during the last two decades. Further, there has been increase in the intensity of poverty in the state over all these years.

Almost all social indicators of the state show that the state stands on 13th or 14th position among the sixteen major States. Bihar and in some cases Orissa, are the only two states which lag behind U.P. in terms of social development indicators like medical facilities, teacher-pupil ratio in primary schools, birth rate, death rate, infant mortality rate, literacy, per capita income, electrification of villages, per capita power consumption etc. Among all major Indian states, Uttar Prdesh has the highest less than five mortality rate, the second highest crude death rate and the third lowest life expectancy figure. The number of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in the state estimated to be 931 in the mid 1980s. Uttar Pradesh has the highest birth rate and the highest fertility rate. Female literacy situation in Uttar Pradesh is dismal. Only one out of four in the 7+ age group was able to read and write in 1991. This figure go down to 19 per cent for rural areas, 11 per cent for the scheduled castes, 8 per cent for scheduled castes in rural areas, and 8 per cent for the entire rural population in the most educationally backward districts. (Quoted in the website of UP Government).

Swayam Siddha is working to develop responsive strategies to address the grave issues related to development in the state.


Building a development oriented and progressive society with a bright future.


Awareness generation among the people about their rights and need for a better life, mobilizing people to help themselves to access basic amenities, dissemination of information and launching suitable interventions through partnering with development agencies.