SN Tripathi Memorial Lectures (2011)…

'Making The Movement Green...'
Ms Ashima Singh

Environmental and Social Management Assessment
1. Environmentalmanagement and Monitoring plan comprising of prevention,mitigation and compensation measures that should commensurate with nature, scale and potential of the anticipated environmental impacts
Waste recycling
1. FRP sleeper being made out of waste plastic found on platform
2. Worn out sleepers being used for building of platforms Cynder (burnt coal) used in dams and filling of breaches
3. Railway scrap (auctioned at high price) is used in buildings

The Green Mile-Some Experiments

The Brazilian government has stopped construction of road in 900 km range that crosses Amazon Forest. Lorries carrying passengers are piggy backed by rail to avoid pollution or harms to forest.

Many experiments have been undertaken in India by railways to reduce environment pollution. For example Konkan roll on roll off experiment has been quite successful where in the trucks are loaded on a flat wagon train and carried on a route on western ghats from Roha near Mumbai to Kankanadi near Bangalore. These trucks would otherwise take five days to reach from Mumbai to Mangalore, now reach only in 19 hours through this experiment. This makes the truck owners feel comfortable and safer.

Suburban and Metro Rail
1. One 6 car metro rake per trip removes 16 buses /300 cars /600 two wheelers from the road.
2. Mumbai suburban carries 6.9 million commuters/day.
3. On 1at August, 2011 Delhi metro had 1.8 million passengers by 2016 it will carry 4 million passengers /day. It has earned Rs. 400,000 carbon credits by saving energy through regenerative banking.
4. Chennai metro will become functional by 2015 Kolkata metro has eased the congestion on roads