SN Tripathi Memorial Lectures (2011)…

'Global Climate Crisis Is Real...'
Shri V N Garg

We get electricity through thermal power generation plants which have high emission of C02 as has already been mentioned above. In case if these thermal power plants are stopped, what will be life with only 12 hours of electricity supply? Very inconvenient? We want 24 hours of electricity supply till we are alive and we do get the same but through thermal power plants. Uttar Pradesh does not have hydro nuclear plant technology. Wind and solar energy are cosmetics. You cannot live with that. You can not supply this energy to all the sectors of eco domestic industry and agriculture with the help of solar energy. Technologies in this regard are not sufficiently developed and in case thermal power plants are stopped, we will face lot of inconvenience. That is why AI Gore said it is an inconvenient truth.

We will have to make compromise as we will not leave it for our future generation to pay for it. It is highly immoral. We will start hating ourselves.If we do not take proper measures there will a situation in future where the temperature will be very high, floods will be very frequent and things will become so difficult that it will be as good as death.

I do not have solutions but I surely know that we will have to take certain inconveniences if we are serious about global warming & climate change.
Use less paper and more paper less offices. Use more information technology but then the issue of E Waste will arise?

How do we go about it? In a way all our progress contributing to global warming. It has to be a total paradigm shift in progress. Sustainable development where there is no scope of thermal generation than alternatives are very few and inconvenient.

Wherever we are we must know that global warming is real and we must take small inconveniences in our daily life to ward off the dangers that global warming imposes upon us.