SN Tripathi Memorial Lectures (2011)…

'Every Individual Generates Half Ton of Garbage Every Year'
Dr Vikram Singh

Ph.D. (Eeology), The former Director General of Police, - Uttar Pradesh (The Jargest Police Force in the World consisting of 175000+ personell), Dr Vikram Singh has been an Officer of Indian Police Service 1974 batch.

He is currently working as Vice Chancellor of NOIDA International University.He is rated as a star trainer and speaker on issues related to security, man-management, crisis resolution and team building and is invited by the most prestigious institutes of the country.

During his service as Police Officer he served the state in various capacities. He has been Additional Director General - Central Industrial Security Force, Inter State Border Force, Law & Order, Crime, Special Task Force

As an IPS officer, he received the most prestigious bravery awards including President's Police Medal for Gallantry, Bar to President's Police Medal for Gallantry, President's Police Medal for Long & Meritorious Service,President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service,Kathin Seva Medal, Bar to KathinSeva Medal

He has several Publications to his credit including a book Entitled "Ecosystems of Central Himalayas"and another book on "Human Rights and Police" that received National Award presented by National Human Rights Commission. New Delhi

"70% of our rivers are polluted and 90% of our cities have air pollution at dangerously high levels,In 19 states of flu!country the underground water reserves are highly polluted, say flu!environmental reports."

To quote our scriptures, that which is in macrocosm is in the microcosm. What I do to my ecosystem,to earth each time, I will ultimately do to myself. Every system has resilience and there is a limit to this resilience. There is a limit to which we can misuse our nature. For example,if I put drops of ink in the water and continuing it, there would be a time when there is less water and more ink.Due to our relentless misuse of environment, dispite the inherent quality of nature to realign itself against the negative change forced upon, the earth, will finally not be able to defend itself any further.

There was a time when the energy requirement of an individual was 100 W but now it is increased to 1000 W per capita.What we have done in thirteen years,the human civilization could not do in million years. We add a thousand million people every thirteen years. It is noteworthy that every individual generates half ton garbage every year. With this kind of statistics, Lucknow, known for its pristine beauty will soon become a garbage dump. Is this kind of legacy we will leave behind for our future generation?