SN Tripathi Memorial Lectures (2011)- Concept Note

This is an annual event initiated since the year 2008 to contribute to the citizens of this state by creating awareness on any one of the contemporary issues which concerns all its citizens. It's a voluntary action by a number of people joining together to provide

"a forum for the common citizens, to address their information needs on the issues crucial to their life and motivate them to develop an alertness to cope with these issues which are not only a threat to their own life but also that of the society at large"

The inspiration of organizing this memorial lectures series has come from my father, Shri S N Tripathi, whom we lost on August 23, 2006. An expert in water and land management, he had a great love for nature. This event was initiated as a tribute to him but now in last two years it has become a symbol and gesture of expression of gratitude to all the parents and elders who invest in their children to contribute to society in whatever way they can, in a self less manner. It's worthwhile to mention here that the event is taking almost a shape of a movement where many citizens and organizations genuinely concerned with the issues or/and will to contribute for a social cause are joining voluntarily every year. These include intellectuals like scientists, academicians, journalists, officials of government and other agencies, students, common citizens. To enable this group of volunteers to organize this event, a few agencies in the sectors like energy and banking have come forward to support the event. In this regard a special mention of UP Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Limited, is necessary as they have been continuously supporting the event and contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and awareness about the issue.

For last three years the theme of the lecture series has been Climate Change and its connected issues such as global warming, carbon foot prints, sustainable development. A list of key resource persons in theses events has been place as annexure 1.

While the experience of conducting the event for last three years has given us learning lessons to make it more valuable, it has also raised our aspirations given the overwhelming response of citizens we received in organizing this event. This move will be successful only, if the eminent environmentalists or the activists of the country, who have got a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom by virtue of their experience, research and commitment to the cause support us in creating this awareness among our audience, the citizens of this state so as to enable them to cope with these issues trough enhanced understanding and knowledge. We seek participation and support from all those who are concerned and will to contribute to the protection of our environment.